The Duke

The Duke is home for 7 modern units in Bankers Hill, offering top floor harbor views with walkability to beloved San Diego destinations like Balboa Park and Little Italy.

The project originally began in March of 2015 as a purchase of a 1700 sq. ft. single family residence. The project is an aesthetically and economically significant addition to the community and has received recognition for being such. The Duke recently received a prestigious Orchid Award for Architecture by the San Diego Architectural Foundation.  The development faced many restrictions including density calculations, FAA Height Restrictions and other zoning related building restrictions but was still able to deliver a product that exceeded the base density of 5 units by delivering 7 total units composed of 6 market rate and 1 affordable unit.

Nestled on the hillside adjacent Maple Canyon, The Duke is the perfect example of small-lot urban infill development that incorporates affordable housing to maximize density in Bankers Hill. Thoughtfully designed & constructed on a budget, one Juror commented that this project was “smartly done & a really nice neighbor in its community”.


AIA Orchid Award

2017 Orchid Award for Best Architecture, San Diego Architectural Foundation

BIA Icon Award

2018 SD BIA Icon Award for Best Architectural Design-Multi-Family Residence

Gold Nugget Award

2018 PCBC Golden Nugget Award of Merit for Best Multi-Family Community_30-60 du/acre

OH! San Diego

2019 OH! San Diego, Featured Tour Site

SD Business Journal

Apartments Get Kudos for Mixing Old and New

SD Union Tribune

Apartments Get Kudos for Mixing Old and New

FLYNN FAMILY circa 2016